Time to reboot San Francisco

So just because I’ve been a pretty poopy person lately and all my posts have been down, I’ll switch it up a bit and try to lighten the mood…

Have I mentioned that I recently move to San Francisco?  No?  O you must have been asleep for the past 785 posts.  Its OK, wake up and let’s move on…

It rained last night here in the crazy city for the first time this season.  On my very long drive to work today all I could focus on, while NOT focusing on the road, cars, traffic, or cops of course, was the fact that when it rains here, the city becomes one of the most beautiful places I know.  The dirt is washed away.  The cars are all somewhat cleaner.  The steam comes up through the roads.  The people all wonder around buttoned up.  And basically, its like the city just hit reboot and started over.  I absolutely love rain.  It washes away all the heavy burdens of before and gives a fresh new vigor to the world.  All those leftover problems of summer – fires, heat, extra dirt, sticky tires, exhaust, smog, people dirt, trash – are eliminated from everything and all that is left is this pretty city in its most basic form.  When you stop and take a closer look, San Francisco is just so beautiful.

So happy day today.  Rain and all.


1 Response to “Time to reboot San Francisco”

  1. 1 kittenroar5 October 14, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    I’m jealous. I’d love to live there. Unfortunately, I’d have to live in a box under the bridge.

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