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The spin cycle

Ya know what today is?  That’s right.  Its Friday.  That means positivity is throwing its weight around.

Some people are good listeners (me).  Some people have great hair (me).  Some people are just plane fantastic kissers (ehemm me again).  (clearly I don’t like the taste of humble pie)

Today, I feel like I’m pretty dern good at spinning stuff to the positive.  What does this mean you are asking yourselves?  Well, let’s say – for instance – that I might happen to run into a group of bitter coworkers discussing the rather cheapness of the company.  This is when I would turn on the spin cycle and point out that sometimes companies aren’t aware of what it is that people need/want until it is pointed out to them.  And that if its really a problem, it will be taken care of if they hear about it enough.  Seems silly, but its effective.

I once had a designer on my team tell me that no matter how crappy things seemed at work, I was always able to make the team feel good about it and ease their minds.  She said I was the best boss she ever had because of that and when I left, she literally begged me to stay.  Went so far as to schedule a meeting with our SVP (a man she absolutely had no contact with on a daily basis) to tell him to do whatever it would take to get me to stay.  Man that felt good.  Even if I did still leave heehee.

This lovely little talent also came in handy last week when my friends B and her wife K lost Snuffy.  Absolutely tragic in every way, yes, but, the way I spin see it, it wasn’t about them losing a baby at all.  God wants us to be pregnant together and needed to make sure we’re all at the starting line at the same time.  He’s priming us all to bump baby bellies this summer.  Did I just turn their tragity into a story about me?  Well yes I did.  Did it throw a positive spin?  Well duh.  Dude, my version involves everyone being pregnant doesn’t it?

So if its spin ya need, then BabyBound is your gal.  Not in that fake “She’s suffering from exhaustion” or “He accidentally walked into a porno shoot” way.  We’re talkin legitimate positive outlook in any and every situation.


Positively perfect postive Friday

So I admit it. Its been a while. No positive Fridays. Why? No reason. Just tough to come up wit stuff. You know, we all have stuff we like about ourselves, but the list gets short after a while. Add in a few months of shitness and things really get tricky.

But I think its time to bring it back. Well, that and K harassed me about it today. And by harassed, I mean asked me nicely why I haven’t written one in a while. What? That is grounds for a stink eye for sure right?

OK back to me.

I think its pretty cool that I am really organized.

Most people make fun of me for my analness and I may, in fact, be over the top wit it. But ya know what? I don’t care? I like being over prepared. I like having plan A plan B and plan C. I like knowing exactly where everything is in my house. I like opening a drawer or a cabinet and seeing everything in perfect order. Labeled, fronted and ready to go. Its simply easier when everything looks like its sitting on the edge of its shelf waiting for you.

Do I get all crazy judgmental when I go to friend’s houses and see caos? (You know who you are Tra) No of course not. That’s their mess not mine. I obviously would lose my shit and fucking flip out within minutes couldn’t live there, but thats OK. I have my own house of analness to live in. It just makes me appreciate my crazy need for clean even more.

So there ya have it. Something else to love about me. I mean who doesn’t want a little freakness of clean in their lives? But don’t ask me to come clean your place. Dude that is what Consuelo is for.

Those are some fine specticles

Friday. Positive. Good things.

Today, I will say that I love the fact that I can wear any shape glasses on my face and pull them off. Its rather silly, but I still love it. I’ve been told by several eyeglass people(?) that I am lucky. So lucky I shall feel.


I don’t always wear my glasses, although I really should. I tell people that I use the force to see most of the time. But really I just bump into things and blame the blond. Its not that I don’t like the look of my glasses, its more that I don’t like stuff on my face. And yeah, I know they make featherweight glasses and all that. That is still stuff. on. my. face.

Its not everyone that can pull off a pair of giant rimmed paparazzi hiding rims as well as a sophisticated invisible frame. I can. Square frames, round, big, small, cat eye, modern, you name it. They all seem to work. Its my strange half round half oval face.

Betcha wanna know which side is the round side and which side is the square side don’tcha? Haha ahhh I kill me.

Positive Friday?

Dude.  Do you really think I could possibly have something positive to say today?  Really?  What am I a fucking robot?  You think I’m a robot don’t you.  Wow.  I’m hurt.

Nothing positive bout me here.  Instead, we can do a quick recap of what we’ve all learned this week boys and girls.

1.  babybound doesn’t get to have babies so her name is retarded.

2.  babybound doesn’t get to buy a house either.

3.  babybound’s husband is the worst thrower of birthday surprises ever.  He did it all wrong with all his drinkin and leavin and stuff.

4.  babybound gets at least a few months more of waiting around for her life to begin.  Fun Fun.

5.  I do get to keep my job though.  So there’s that.  I did not lose my job this week.

Add it up….3…carry the 1…add a zero….yup.  That’s 4 and 1 y’all.  I’d have better odds if I were a tiger at the San Francisco zoo.

Anyone out there that has that strong urge to write “it can’t get any worse” will be forever banished to the wasteland of blogs about technical garbage and dork stuff.  Don’t do it, yo.  Don’t.  Do.  It.

Fingers & handjobs

I almost forgot that it was Friday.  Last Friday of the year in fact.  I can’t let it go without a positive Friday post!!  Let’s wrap up this year with a good one shall we?

I like my hands.

Its not just that my hands are perfect proportion to my body or that my finger nails and cuticles are perfect (although they are), but I have used these lovely little beauties to create all kinds of cool stuff.  I like my hands because they are so multi talented.  They look good.  They type fast.  They are steady as a rock when painting a fine line and strong as an ox when trying to open a stubborn jar.  These babies can work their magic on anything and always come out lookin fantastic.  Manicure or not, my hands always look good.  No man hands here!!

My hands seem to have some sort of magic skin on them as well that hardly ever scars.  Unlike the rest of my body, my hands are virtually scar-less.  I’ve cut off my thumb, almost cut off my finger, been bit by my sister, done some serious slicing of my palm due to an unfortunate plate shattering incident (twice), been a scratching post to a neighborhood of cats, you name it, my hands have been there.  They have even been used as a set of emergency brakes while flailing down a hill on a skateboard.  Scars?  Ha!  I laugh at scars.

So there ya have it.  My hands rock.  Yay for hands!

Google…have fun with that title.  I can’t wait to see what you throw at me now!

Left Brain / Right Brain

Anyone else out there have the uncanny ability to not only design the perfect kitchen, but cook a fabulous meal in it as well?  Yes?  No?  Anyone?  O well then maybe its just me.

This is one of the things I like about myself.  As a designer, I am pretty talented in this area.  I can not only design a functional flow within the layout of the kitchen – proper placement of stove, fridge, etc., but I can then pick all the details to make it just right – trim, colors, addition of a marble counter top for baking in the baking station.  After waiting 8 thousand years for a contractor to get off his ass and finish the job, I can then rummage through the cabinets and find everything I need to make a 3 course meal fit for royalty.  Well…maybe not royalty.  They’re snobbish after all.

I know plenty of people can cook.  And plenty of people can create/design.  Nothing is new about these concepts.  I just like that I have lot o talent in all areas creative.  I can paint.  I can sew (sort of).  I can draw.  I can build things.  I can pretty much do anything and everything from editing a movie to concepting a website application to its finest details.  Creative is my bag.

Don’t ask me to represent you in a court of law, or surgically remove any over zealous party accoutrement from your insides.  I can’t do that.  But if you need a creative excuse for why your belly has a bump shaped like an Absolute bottle…you have come to the right place my friend.  Come. To. The. Right. Place.

Look into my eyes…

I have nice eyes.  (This is positive Friday BTW). I was told last night that this should be my positive Friday topic and while I’m far too swamped at work right now to dig deep, I thought, what the hell.  Its at least true.

They are blue sometimes and green others.  If I wear a blue shirt, they are as ice blue as the sky on a cloudless day in July.  If I wear a green shirt, they are as deep green as a thick lush bowl of moss.  Ew.  Who has a thick bowl of moss???  Nobody, that’s who.  That’s just wrong.  OK so they are as deep green as a fresh bamboo forest on a misty day.  Is that better?

So yeah.  People like my eyes.  I have very long lashes as well.  And they seem to be a good shape for my face.  They’re not too deep set, and not too far apart.  I am pretty lucky I guess.  No close eye here!!

Does anyone dare to share something with ME this positive Friday???  No?  Damn you people.

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