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Because you shouldn’t have to wait until to have breasts to start breast feeding

Umm.  Perhaps yes.  Yes you should.  This is the most fucked up shit I’ve seen since the shaving baby (Which also happens to be featured in this list of the top 7 most inappropriate toys).


Why do little girls need to pretend to breast feed?!?!  What purpose does this serve other than helping a pedophile get off under the guides of “playing grown up”?

How did this pitch go in the board room?  Was there research from a medical professional showing great advancements in child development when given small flower pedals as nipples and a doll that latches on?  Did they have a prototype?  O God.  Did they have little girls playing with the prototype? Surely the girl on the box is currently living in a safe house under the watchful eyes of psychiatric doctors right?  Right?

Jesus Christ.


I guess I must have done something really really wrong.

Hey all you lovely ladies out there lookin to score a kid, here’s a young stud just waitin for your phone call

I mean sure he’s like 8 lookin and you were hoping for a more sophisticated, adult type.  And yeah, having sex with him might get you convicted of statutory rape.  So what if his facial hair hasn’t even developed and his voice hasn’t cracked right?  Tough times call for tough decisions and this miniature baby maker might be the best we could hope for.

Now.  Let me go bang my head against a wall for about 8.46 minutes until my eyeballs pop out so that I don’t ever have to see this again.  Still working on a way to get the disturbing thoughts out of my mind.  Maybe without eye’s I’ll be able to focus.

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