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Chase Bank can suck my dick.

**this post as nothing to do with anything.  But I’m mad.  So deal.

OK.  I’ve been a Wamu banker for over 10 years.  I have a platinum account with them and have done a great deal of business with them.  I have a total 6 accounts with them!  So naturally, you would think that if there was something suspicious with my account, they would be more than happy to help me right?  O I’m so sorry to tell you this, but you would be dead wrong.

When Wamu was purchased by Chase, everything went to hell in a hand basket.

We have recently been the lovely recipients of bank fraud.  Somebody has been transferring our money around and then withdrawing it.  Like 5 times a day.  For a month.  Awesome right?

You would THINK that the bank would help us out.  Its so obvious that its not us.  There are buttloads of transfers all happening within minutes of each other.  Who does that?  Well apparently we do.  Mark and I are allegedly using the online banking as our own form of video game.

Not only is Chase accusing us of doing it, they froze all of our accounts giving us zero access to our own money.  Because clearly people don’t need money anymore right?  And as an added bonus, we can’t do anything at all without going into the bank and speaking to the branch manager personally.  Convenient.

O sure.  This is for “our protection”.  Umm.  That would be great if it WASN’T STILL HAPPENING.  And with no access to any of our own money, you’d think this would tip them off.  Please?  Awww sigh.  No even without any access to our own money they manage to find our signatures on stuff and let us spend days on end living in the bank waiting for them to screw us some more.  Or…we’re even allowed to call them and get transferred to everyone that works for Chase so that we can personally explain the situation to each and every one of them.  We’ve been dealing with this nightmare for a month now.  And while we want to tell them to suck it, we also want our thousands of dollars back.  And being able to use our non compromised money would be nice too.

Yes I’m venting.  But Jesus.  We’ve done all the right things.  We’ve filed out a police report.  We have been excellent customers.  We have a lot of money tied up in their establishment.  They have been rude, unhelpful, accusatory, and downright crappy.

If anyone out there banks with Chase.  Don’t.  You may be having a great experience while everything is fine, but just you wait until you have a problem….


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