Who’s the drunk in the corner?

Ladies ladies.  You underestimate the hardened babybound hahaha.  There will be no Mother’s Day brunch at my house.  No no.  That is just insanity at its finest.

I absolutely said no.  In fact, I said no I cann’t do it and have a very hard time with Mother’s Day in general.  I will not be a happy slave to the Mother’s on that day.  You do understand don’t you.  And I left it at that.

Favorite Aunt is hosting a Mother’s Day brunch at her house.  Its still up in the air whether I will go or not.  On the one hand, it will still be full of over praised mothers and their painful needs to point out that they are in fact better than me with all their baby makin.  On the other hand, its my fav Aunt and she lives 5 minutes from me and I like her.

I’m sure the food will be awesome and I know the wine will be plentiful.  As I sit here on this fence, I do feel myself leaning a little bit more towards the brunch side.  A day of getting completely wasted and making a fool of myself only to point out how much I hate them all for having babies kinda sounds fun doesn’t it?  At least it would be memorable and they simply can’t get mad at me.  I’m the broken one in pain!

Stay tuned…


2 Responses to “Who’s the drunk in the corner?”

  1. 1 christine May 6, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    hmmmm…..I’m leaning towards not going. There are other places that will serve great food and wine. This will not be the only time or place that you’ll be able to enjoy great food ever again. You can visit Favorite Aunt on another day. But that’s just me.

  2. 2 mkwewer May 7, 2009 at 10:52 am

    Good for you! I say “F” the fam, get your own bottle (or 6) of wine, get drunk at home and do nasty things to Hubby. Just my opinion.

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