Can we talk about something else now?

Hey is anyone else as sick of hearing me bitch as I am?  Waa my husband left.  Bla bla he lied, bla bla he took money blech.  I’m sorry but there is only so much pitty I can take on myself before it starts to sound like one of those long ass parties that everyone wont leave from, but you are sick of and want to just go to bed.  I know there is still much more to come of this craptasticle situation, but for now, let’s move on shall we?  We’ll come back to it I assure you.

Want to hear something funny?  Well, its funny to me.  In fact it gets me gigglin just thinkin about it right now.

For the past couple of months I have been hangin out with a new crew.  A group of girls that get together every Monday night to have a “ladies night” away from their husbands, kids and problems.  One might call it a mommy group of sorts – being as everyone has children (with one obvious exception).  These ladies are all so fantastic.  I have really enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with them and can’t believe what great people they all are – even though we do spend a large amount of time talking about diapers, breast feeding, the funny things children ingest, etc.

Why is this funny?  O man.  It absolutely cracks me up.  I love spending time with them and look forward to my Monday nights with the girls.  And yes I’m the stand out infertile baron one.  But it doesn’t matter?  They don’t care.  And for some strange reason, I don’t care either.  As we all know I’m complicated, but a mommy group?  I may love my Monday night baby chats, but fuck if you’ll ever see me at a baby shower.  How is this possible?  OK I’ll let everyone judge me for a second now.  OK time is up.  Its ok.  I’m still gigglin.

So for the last couple of weeks I have made sure to keep my Monday night appointment with fun even in the midst of fuckdom.  And I cannot say it enough.  These ladies have totally been supportive.  In between the discussions of preschool and singing lessons, each one has managed to say to me, “we got your back”.  And ya know what?  I really think they do.  It just feels so nice to have friends.  A posse of sorts.  I shall call them my Uterine Crew.


1 Response to “Can we talk about something else now?”

  1. 1 mkwewer April 21, 2009 at 11:28 am

    That’s me! I spend most of my time with 3 women who all have kids but still, I have no problems with it. Glad to hear (see?) you giggle…

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