Two steps forward

Well?  Gramps is back in ICU.  Not exactly sure what is going on although I do know that he’s bleeding.  They said he’s gone through 7 bags of blood and they haven’t found the source of the bleeding yet (they are working on that now).  I say: get a starving vampire?  Isn’t that like getting a plumber for a leaking sink?  He’ll find the leak.

I’m not in a full fledged panic.  He is in very good hands.  Uncontrolled bleeding is obviously a bad thing, but as long as he’s being treated and they are working on a solution, it means they haven’t given up.  So I am not giving up either.

On another note, Mark’s hand looks like its not even going to scar.  I mean that’s great and all, but you’d think you’d get an awesome convo starter out of something as crazy as gangrene.  What is the point of having a war wound otherwise?  O well.  Guess I still win the scar game.

On yet another note, I decided to comfort myself last night with a little Container Store therapy.  Not that I have a whole lot stressing me out these days (other than this most recent update with my Grandpa of course), but I am trying to learn to comfort myself more.  Dr.  Headshrinker wants me to learn how.  Nothing is more comforting than isles and isles of tiny boxes, labels and containers made specifically for one use and one use only.

I went with my favorite aunt which doubled the comfort satisfaction.  I had a list of things I needed.  We drooled over the Elfa® closet sets and dreamed of a day when our houses would look as if they were store displays.  I bought everything on my list and nothing else.  I guess in times of economic downturn, even a splurge has to have its limits.

Anyway, that’s my update.  Not so thrilling, but not super horrible.  Still waiting on Grandpa, better than Mark, and busy with organization projects brought on by retail therapy.


1 Response to “Two steps forward”

  1. 1 Andie March 24, 2009 at 12:34 am

    Sorry to hear your Grandpa is back in ICU. I hope they find out what’s wrong soon.

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