Welcome to San Francisco. Please follow me to the CT scan room…

Today is the day that marks the 2nd aniversary of our move to San Francisco.  It was on this day 2 years ago that we packed up the car, drove up here, moved into corporate housing and said wtf have we just done?

After our moment of panic, we walked across the big scary San Francisco street to the big scary San Francisco market and got ourselves some groceries.  Let me tell you, that Safeway market may have looked unassuming and oddly identical to every market in LA, but it was all new to us.  We were foreign and didn’t know the language.  (Is it ok to ask for plastic or is that bad here?  Do people not buy a whole lot at one time or is that considered stupid?  What are the rules!!!)

I remember it so well.  We bought a chicken. (those already made ones), some salad fixings and some frozen vegetables.  We were going to have a lovely meal in our new corporate-housing-for-30-days apartment.  It only took me one and a half hours in this new place to spill an entire bottle of salad dressing down the front of my shirt.  A vinaigrette.  With oil.  That stuff don’t wash out.  Crap.

While I was busy ruining my wordrobe so that I could explain my need for a new big city one easier, Mark was having some sort of reaction to the move and was unable to speak?, couldn’t see? which caused freaking out!  Awesome.  Our first day.  This place is terrifying.

It turned out to be nothing, but we got to spend the rest of our very first night in the big scary new city in the emergency room.  On St. Patrick’s Day.  Funny.  I’m surprised I’ve never blogged about that night before.  So much material….


Happy 2 year anniversary to me.  The city isn’t scary at all anymore.  In fact, its downright small.  We love it here.  (But could use less time in the ER and that would suite my taste just fine.)

And plastic bags are illegal here.  Its all paper.  So easy.


1 Response to “Welcome to San Francisco. Please follow me to the CT scan room…”

  1. 1 riceroni March 18, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    I live in SF too. Also moved here 2 years ago. It feels like home. Infertile in San Francisco. That could be like the new “sex in the city” kinda show. There’s plenty of us here. I think…

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