I am super here me roar…

I am very proud of myself today.  No, I didn’t cure cancer or end world hunger, but I did do something rather difficult for any freak infertile woman.  I bought a baby shower gift.  I know right?  I’m growing.

So this shower that I was suppose to go to last week but got moved to this week and then got canceled because the baby wasn’t invited but decided to crash anyway.  Yeah the shower that has had my head wrapped around it for a couple of weeks now because I didn’t want to fucking have anything to do with it but I liked the mom-to-be so so so much fuck fuck fuck have trouble with all things baby.  Well?  Even though I completely dodged a bullet here, I still felt that I absolutely had to get her a baby gift.  I wanted to get her a baby gift.  This is a coworker that I actually like a lot.  And I am truly happy for her blessing.  Just because God hates me doesn’t mean I should be spreading the hate.  That’s just gonna get me in trouble and frankly, I’m not really very good at being the one that sucks the life out of the room.  There are plenty of those out there.  I hope that isn’t a really terrible assessment of myself because I really don’t like those people and I want to like myself.

My original idea was to get her a pedicure.  Something for her.  Its something she likes/needs/wants while also being something that I don’t have to cry over.  Its like a win win.  It would have been perfect.  We’d go together.  Have a great time.  She’d get to be a girl for a minute rather than a mom.  Awesome.

Baby clearly reviewed the offering and felt otherwise.  He wasn’t havin none of that polish remover and warm foot water.  I believe his exact words were “Ah heellll nah. I’m gitten the fuck outta hea.  Screw dat shit.”  This kid has a potty mouth let me tell you.

So at the drawing board I was faced with only one option.  An actual baby gift.  And all she wanted was baby boy clothes.  Everyone knows that an infertile woman has absolutely no business perusing the baby clothes.  Ever.  I’m pretty sure there’s a law about it.

But let me be the first to tell you that there are loopholes to everything.  This is why God invented the gift card.  While I pretty much hate the thoughtlessness of a gift card, this seemed like as perfect as any a time to whip out my gift card abilities.  I even picked out a cute baby boy themed one.  And then got a card.  A CARD! (OK I had help from a very supportive friend in the selection of said card, but still.  I was standing right there and had to read it so I still thinks it counts as pretty bad ass.)

So no I’m not the worlds most awesome person, but I still did something I didn’t think I could do.  And sure, it didn’t actually have anything at all to do with babies once I dissected it down to a basic piece of plastic wrapped in a folded paper card, but….its the thought that counts??

Congrats Baby Maker on your newly acquired blue Target gift card.  O and that new baby thing you picked up too.


2 Responses to “I am super here me roar…”

  1. 1 Andie February 25, 2009 at 12:57 am

    That is indeed a super achievement!

  2. 2 emilythehopeless February 26, 2009 at 6:17 am

    good job.. i have to go do that too.. reeally not looking forward to it.

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