I’m annoying. Sorry.

Sorry.  No picts of that horrid costume.  Just know that after several walks through the car wash and a sandblaster, the glitter has all been extracted from my pores.

Ugh.  On a different note.  I know something.  Something very good.  Something very very juicy.  But something that would absolutely ruin people if leaked.  Change a whole gaggle of lives.  And honestly?  I really wish I didn’t know.

Its not hard to keep secrets.  While I am known through a few circles as a gossip, anyone that really knows me knows their secrets are safe with me.  Big ones.  Secrets that matter.  I am never out to ruin people’s lives and frankly find it less daunting to get involved.

But this time its different.  This one seems dangerous.    It effects me.  I’m an innocent bi standard of the secret.  And its becoming increasingly difficult to pretend I’m unaware of the issue.  I can’t even blog about it.  (And for those of you out there with access to my contact info, don’t bother trying.  I’m not spilling it.)

I realize this is a very annoying post.  I’m doing it.  I’m teasing you.  I’m sorry.

But I can’t get it out, and this is the closest I can get.  I think this gossip is bad.  Its serious.  It wasn’t at first, but its starting to get there.  And I’m a bit worried that I’m not at all prepared to handle it.  I don’t have defenses for this.  Crap.

And now that I’ve sufficiently annoyed everyone, I’ll stop.  I just needed it to be known – however completely vague and lame as it is – that I do know what’s up.  And I take it very seriously.  Not cool man.  Not.  Cool.


1 Response to “I’m annoying. Sorry.”

  1. 1 goldfish5 November 4, 2008 at 10:36 am

    I still say that you’re a whore bait for not telling me what is going on. I may forgive you…someday (after you fucking tell me you biotch).

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