Since when is poking your coworker not awesome office gossip?

Technology has taken on a whole new meaning to me today.  While I have always enjoyed the conveniences of modern day communication, I have never seen the power it has on the world until now.

With Mika’s passing, its been an odd mix of emotions, sure, but its also been really strange.  Facebook has really changed the way the world works.

How did I find out about Mika’s passing?  Well?  My friend Tra texted me on my blackberry at which point I called her immediately and we cried about it.  Then?  I went onto Facebook where I had been sent an invite to the memorial service by an old friend – along with a very large group of high school friends – and I sent her a message as well.  We then tag teamed each other’s Facebook inboxes for a bit – never forgetting that this was one horrible reason to get back in touch.

Within minutes, it seems as though everyone that ever knew Mika was informed about her passing.

I woke up this morning to messages, emails, and pokes.

This is not something that could have been done 5 years ago.  Its very strange.  I’m not sure if its an improvement to the way we live yet.  I’m certainly glad that Mika is getting the attention that she deserves, but its still rather unusual.  While many people reacted with sympathy and condolences, some kinda ignored it and posted normal every day status’s about their kids, coffee addictions, Pilate’s classes, etc.  It made me kinda mad.  But seriously?  Why on earth should I be mad that people that haven’t seen her in almost 20 years aren’t effected?  That makes no sense.

Facebook just made it complicated.  Complicated good?  Bad?  Not sure.

But hey, if something ever happens to me, you all damn well better make a huge stinkin deal about it, poke all 80+ million Facebook users, call Tom on the phone, twitter it out….you know the drill.  We’re talkin crazy big.

But make me pretty in the picture ok?


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