Bananas, Cookies and Beer


Sometimes they seem to be completely in order and right on track. The pieces fall into place, the puzzle builds itself on auto pilot, and you’re pretty rad.

Other times?  Well let’s just say you end up spending 2 hours in line to get into a grocery store in need of food after a hurricane and walk out with bananas, cookies and beer (you know who you are!).

Its so weird that life can go back and forth between being on track and totally off course.  Priorities can be so impossible to figure out one day and then painfully obvious the next.  (although one could argue that bananas and beer are a rather revolting choice even in the worst of circumstances).

I spend 84.045% of my time prioritizing.  For work.  For life.  For Mark.  My life is about assessing situations and then reassessing when some sort of wrench drops in for a visit and sneezes on the post its.

I’m assessing right now.  A re-prioritization is in order.  Stay tuned.


1 Response to “Bananas, Cookies and Beer”

  1. 1 b September 17, 2008 at 8:56 am

    I think the beer could be filed under my insurance as a necessity..what do you think?

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