Pills? Who needs pills?

Wow.  I slept for 17 hours last night.  And even more wow, it wasn’t because I was drugged.  Actually, I have no proof that I wasn’t.  Perhaps that was what was in that nasty pasta they served us at work yesterday?

I think I had what will forever be known as my first severe migraine headache.  I’m not really sure if that’s what it was because, well frankly I have not received that mail order Doctorate I sent away for yet.

It started out yesterday morning as a bit of a headache that I naturally assumed was a combination of travel/weather change/work/I haven’t been wearing my glasses/life.  But by noon, this was one hell of a headache.  It took me until about 1 to put my glasses on (Cause I’m all kinds of awesome lookin in them).  And by about 2:00 I felt as thought I was getting sick.  That “hey feel my head” type of body temperature rising and warm, thick feeling in the throat.

O.  Let me just stop right there and make sure to point out that of course I didn’t take anything for the headache and duh I didn’t even bother to call a doctor when it got bad.  That’s just not how I role.

At 4:00 I considered going home.  But I actually felt so horrible that I didn’t want to move.  At all.  As cozy and lovely as my own bed sounded, I had body aches so bad that the thought of walking the approximate 128.6 steps down to the street and to my car put shivers in my spine and made me cold.  In fact, for the first time (and most likely the last), my office seemed as snuggly as a room full of fur blankets and tiny puppies that have been trained not to bark, bit, or poop.  (OMG, I think I need to make that room!)

It took me until 6:30 to muster up the energy to go home.  Pathetic.  I know.

When I got home, I took my shoes off and crawled into bed.  I had a full blown fever and couldn’t open my eyes (anyone thinking that the fear of losing my sight or dieing might get me to take something is simply not listening).  I woke up at 9ish and begged Mark for a blanket.  OK fine.  Eight blankets.  I don’t know how it happened, but while I was sleeping there, my room picked itself up Wizard of Oz style and plopped itself down inside an iceberg.  Kinda wish I would have been awake for that.

That was that.  Woke up 17 hours later.  Fully dressed and ready for work.  On Saturday.  I had to call in for backup to help dig me out of the blanket igloo formation I was completely buried under, and here we are.

Headache gone.

So while all you pansies out there take your silly little pills and move on with your life 30 minutes later, I have just shown you that all you really need to do is suffer it out for a measly little 28 hours and you’ll be fine.


1 Response to “Pills? Who needs pills?”

  1. 1 Den September 14, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    B R A V O!!!!!

    My last IVF cycle kicked my ass for about week with headaches and one night that sounds a lot like your (fever, chills, igloo, etc..) My DH threatened to pour NyQuil down my throat … I told him he’d be wearing it … so I got a foot rub instead and an ice pack for my forehead. The next day I was fine … pills … we don’t need no stinkin’ pills! ** high 5 **
    ~ Den

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