Its funny when you simplify your life down to a list. And I do love a list.

So.  No cake my my blog birthday,but I did have some low fat chocolate ice cream.  Awesome.

While I may not have actually done anything last year, here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish this year:

  1. have a kid (ha!)
  2. pay off remodel
  3. pay off the making of kid
  4. start project: guest suite in basement
  5. do a casual coffee date with my parents.  one.
  6. not lose my job
  7. get another trainer for Sandy and perhaps she’ll pass?
  8. eat my weight in pineapple
  9. ew.  just pretend I ate my weight in pineapple but not actually eat any at all
  10. reorganize all the closets in our house and make new labels
  11. end my punishment of not being allowed to buy any more shoes.  and then buy some
  12. teach Mark that there is actually more to cleaning a kitchen then putting dishes in the dishwasher
  13. meet someone in San Francisco that doesn’t actually plan to move to New York
  14. have a birthday that couldn’t even remotely be compared to this one
  15. spend at least 20% of my time in my awesome jetted tub
  16. read at least 2 books – maybe one of them not a silly girlie one
  17. see my Grandmother before she forgets me
  18. and best of all, blog

Doable?  Right?

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