Finally! Somebody figured it out.

Holy crap!  When did they start putting sharps containers in the airport bathroom???  Has it been that long since I did IVF?

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine – yes she actually called me while peeing in the airport bathroom – who told me that there is a bright and shiny sharps container in there.  She was assuming it was for diabetics.  Ha!  O the laughs.  Don’t diabetics use a little piece of sharp paper now or something?  They don’t need a big ol red sharps container for that.

This has quite often been soemthing that has bothered me.  I actually have found myself in an airport when the timing was just so that I had to inject myself with the crazy juice.  And fuck man, I’ve stressed over what to do with those needles.

Should I put in the tampon garbage?  No.  Because if someone reaches in there (umm why would someone do this?  I don’t know but they might) they would get pricked and assume they now have AIDS and I would be responsible and the FBI would come after me and a whole investigation would happen and it would be all over the news and my parents would find out I have done IVF.  Damn.

Should I dare throw it in the trash by the sink?  People would see me and think I’m a drug addict AND I’d most likely get arrested for doing drugs and have to go to rehab and I’d lose my job and my parents would find out I do drugs?  Wait no I don’t do drugs but they’d find out something and I’d miss my flight. I can’t let that happen.

Well there’s that whole level orange security and 911 stuff so clearly I can’t take needles with me.

So after much debate, this usually resulted in me wrapping needles up in a quadrillion pieces of tp and shoving it into the trash next to the sink (hoping nobody saw) and then washing my hands 800 trillion times because EW they were just in the trash!!

Man its nice to know that someone figured this out and put a damn sharps container in there.  Just think of how much I will be saving the government on hand soap!


2 Responses to “Finally! Somebody figured it out.”

  1. 1 geohde September 4, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    I always just recapped my sharps, put them in my own personal little biohazard bin and sorted it out later:)

    Yes, my clinic gave us teeny-tiny travel sized sharp bins so I never had to drop anything into the ones for those ‘diabetics’ who like IV he.roin so much.

    and, incidentally, I’ve never figured out why so many public bathrooms have BOTH sharps bins and that funky blue light that makes it very hard to get a vein. Kind of like taking a bet both ways or asking for thr druggies to precipitate a real long queue…


  2. 2 Andie September 7, 2008 at 2:41 am

    Yeah, it’s true! I just noticed this on my trip two days ago. They had them on the planes before, but pretty sure they weren’t in the bathroom. Pretty handy! Unfortunately, unless you have a letter from your doctor you can’t take needles in your carry-on here (Australia). Even if you don’t need them for the flight. Even if they are sealed unopened in the box.

    I mean, what do they think we are going to do? Stand up, unwrap a needle (thereby telling the whole world about your fertility issues) and stab a fellow passenger with FSH or HCG? You know, maybe, just for kicks?

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