Head games

What a craptacular day. You know when you know how things should go, but they don’t even come close to going that way and you know that the way you handled it got completely misunderstood – which then misrepresented you? And there’s pretty much nothing you can say or do to save face? Welcome to my Thursday.  And just for shiggles, let’s throw in the fact that I’m…well, me…and will dwell on this forever.  Yup forever.  Like, you’ll all be long gone, the Apocalypse will have happened, the internet will be dead, Oprah will own Earth but sell it to Ryan Seacrest, someone will have actually won the million dollars on Deal or No Deal, and I’ll still be dwelling.

The worst part is that the worst parts of my personality shined through. The ones that I hate. The ones that I blame my mother for. The ones that really belong in a dungeon under the house so that they don’t get passed on. Ooo how cool would it be if I had a dungeon??

I know everyone has crap about themselves they need to work on. I of course am no different. But ew. What a little bitch I can be. And not in a cool sassy way. I’d hate me. I kinda do today. I need a big talking to but sadly, I wouldn’t even come close to taking it well.

I so wish I had that ballpoint pen from Men In Black so I could erase a few moments from today. Anyone know if it was a bic?


1 Response to “Head games”

  1. 1 b August 29, 2008 at 7:13 am

    I hate when I do stupid shit.. For the record, I think you’re a good person. You’re not perfect..by any fucking means..but where it counts, you are a good person. No matter what you said or did, those who know you will forgive you and move on. You can dwell all you want to, but they will have forgotten about it. Unless say..you go on a trip to Paris with them..and then completely ignore them..remember when you did that to me Kathy? Do it again, and we’ll just see if I make you my prison bitch.

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