“People” you see on MUNI

Mr. Grandma –

This dude was what one might call, confused?  He was a very well dressed, tall black man.  My guess is with his 3 piece suit and 24″ strand of white pearls he must have been headed to a rally for the ethical mistreatment of people who like inappropriate accessories.  Otherwise known as the EMPWLIA.

Mrs. Collector –

Is it really necessary to show off all of your prized possessions by hanging everything you own from large metal rings all over your body?  Apparently its all the rage.  Well, all the rage might be an overstatement but this chick clearly needed to hook up with Mr. Grandma for directions to the EMPWLIA rally.

Mickey Mouse –

I mean common.  Doesn’t everyone sculpt their hair into two perfectly matched Mickey ears from time to time?

The boyscout –

Brown boots, brown socks, brown pants, brown shirt, brown scarf, brown leather gun holster.  You know, church clothes.  As we all know, one can never be too prepared.

Miss America –

I’m not quite sure how I feel about sharing space with this girl.  In a tunnel.  This girl had rather large bullet tied around her neck.  I’m not really sure if she’s trying to scare everyone away or really that stupid.  Girlfriend, you need a special doo hicky to get that thing to work.  My guess is her and the boyscout should hook up, meet Mr. Gun Gunerson and the three of them could live a long happy life together.  But not in the tunnel.  On second thought, maybe we’re all better off if these three never meet.

People watching at its finest.


1 Response to ““People” you see on MUNI”

  1. 1 b July 16, 2008 at 8:16 am

    Was anyone wearing swim trunks?

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