Summer vacation with Aunt Flo

Anyone interested in an extra long summer vacation with Aunt Flo?  I hear she’s lookin to plant herself for a significant length of time and, while I do surely enjoy our time together, I’m a bit tied up at the moment.  We’ve had a lovely week together.  No drama.  No fruit salad was served. (Thank f’ing God)  It was a truly wonderful visit.  But now?  We’re kind of in that awkward silence where I know she’s wanting to stick around for a much longer stay and I’m ready to get back to life without visitors.  In fact, she kinda put her foot down last night about making sure I was aware of her needs.  Don’t worry, Flo, I see ya.

So if anyone out there is up for a really fantastic visit with our dear old Aunt Flo, let me know and I’ll make sure she gets the fuck out of here and to you as fast as humanly possible stops by.  I’m not sure if there’s any fruit salad in her bags, but I’ll try to confiscate before she leaves for ya.  I’m a giver like that.


2 Responses to “Summer vacation with Aunt Flo”

  1. 1 anne nahm May 16, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    Ok, now you’ve ruined me for strawberry jello with strawberries in it.

    Although I once went to a microbrewery in San Diego (back in the day when microbreweries were all the rage) and ‘strawberry beer’ turned out to be a honey lager with a dollop of strawberry jam in it. Holding it up to the light and seeing the gloppy red stuff floating around, I thought, “my god, it’s abortion beer” and thus was ruined for any type of microbrewery every again. So next time, could you ruin me for chocolate? Because my ass would thank you.

  2. 2 geohde May 16, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    I’ll pass on your very generous offer 🙂


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