4 things

OK as much as I really think I’ve memed the hell out of my life and have nothing left to say, I got tagged again  – this time by the lovely Emily – and I think this one is pretty hard on the brain interesting, so what the hell.  Here I go (sorry its long).

4 things I did 10 years ago: (1998)

Holy crap this was a really super fantastic year for me.  In fact, so super, that its actually shocking to me that it was exactly 10 years ago.

1.  I bought myself a BMW for my birthday.  Just wondered into a dealership on my way home from work (cause I had nothing better to do), walked up to the first person I saw and said “I’d like to buy a car please.”  2 hours later, I was the owner of a brand new black BMW.  Pretty crazy huh?  Don’t worry.  I’m not this cool in real life.

2.  I purchased my very first home.  An amazing 2 bedroom 1 bath condo on the Sunset strip.  I absolutely loved this place.  It was absolutely the perfect place for me a social, clubbing, partier, 20 something at the time.  Between this and the car, I was livin large.  In fact, my father actually said “Kathy, I think you might have peeked”.  Thanks a lot Dad.  That was the curse of death.  No wonder I don’t talk to you anymore.

3.  I got down to my thinnest weight in my entire life (Don’t get all technical on me here…..no I wasn’t 100 pounds at birth.).  I was a size 4, had actual cut lines in my stomach and I looked fucking awesome.  What?  Too arrogant?

4.  I had my mostest favoritest bestest boss in the whole wide world.  Eh hem, except for my current boss of course….in case you just so happen to be reading this Mr. Boss Man.  You are sooooo clearly the best boss EV ER.  (Are bonuses tied to blog posts?  They totally aren’t right???  Fuck)

4 things I did 5 years ago: (2003)

Eh.  Kinda boring year.

1.  I was in my second year of owning my own company.  My partner was leaving to make a movie (let’s all hate him for leaving me) but who cared?  All was well in the land of post production.

2.  I was back together with the love of my life after a longer then I could handle 6 month hiatus due to a brief encounter with Jose Cuervo and a telephone.  OK so the how doesn’t matter…its the why.  The why is because we were meant to be together so just accept that fact and let’s move on.

3.  I went to Hawaii for the 4 billionth time, but this time with said love of my life so it was awesome and perfect. Although I did kinda spend the whole time thinking Mr. Perfect was going to propose and he didn’t….which lead to several months of engagement obsession…which lead to a year of that….which lead to many of my friends losing their patience with the crazy person later to be known as BabyBound.  But its all good.

4.  I had absolutely no knowlege of my ridiculous baby house or the gigantic baby dowry and loss that was in my future.  In fact, the thought of babies was kind of horrifying?  Wow.

4 things I did yesterday:

1.  Laundry

2.  Hung artwork and a very large mirror

3.  Went to the store

4.  Drank wine and cried.

4 shows I love to watch:

O this could get embarassing…

The Hills (yes really)


Anything involving home improvement

Masterpiece Theater (what?  you don’t know.  prove me wrong then!)

4 things I love to do:





(in that order)

Ahhhhh done.  OK who’s next?  I’m calling people out this time.  B, K (Just cause she NEEEDS to post), MilkMaid, and Tra.  Woohoo!!!


5 Responses to “4 things”

  1. 1 b May 13, 2008 at 8:48 am

    Did you stop taking your meds again? Why are you crying? Cut that shit out. No crying, and no speaking of Myanmar…those are the rules.

  2. 2 Emily May 13, 2008 at 10:12 am

    Thanks for playing along! As a new reader its lovely to find out more about you!

    Didn’t realise you were in “the industry” – I used to be an actress, then a production manager and then a producer and husbando was a DOP. We actually met on set (how cheesey is that?)

    Was your crying wine induced or was it life induced?

  3. 3 The Milk Maid May 13, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Hey if you wanna cry and drink wine call me out for a long weekend. I haven’t cried lately, but I can keep up with ya on the drinkie drink.

    Pear vodka rocks, by the way. Thanks for encouraging me.

    And darn your hide for tagging me. You owe me, you owe me good. You owe me wine that do not commeth from a box 😉

  4. 4 HeartStrings May 13, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    you did not do my last one but i will let it slide and partake in the silly game of the meme and it really is only b/c i owe you one.

  5. 5 HeartStrings May 13, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    note – you did not mention solitary either…

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