Its really raining….uh men.

What does a girl with no water in her house, 5 construction workers in her bathroom – and no patience for the mess they are making – do to get ready for work?  Absolutely nothing.  That’s right.  Nothing.  Today, I sit here before you, unshowered and disgusting.  At. Work.  Ew.

I am so sick of this stupid remodel I could spit.  But my mouth is too damn dry from the lack of water in my pipes to gather up enough moisture for that.  I want my shower back, my kitchen back, my life back, my label maker back, and basically my clean perfect world back.  Our house is still a mess, we can’t unpack 15.5% of our stuff (which may not be a lot to some, but to me, this is pretty much the end of the world), and still have a lovely blanket of fresh drywall powder over every surface.  Including the dog.  And I swear the house is sinking in on one side.  Its hard not to roll right down into the sink hole that is so obviously forming next to the master bedroom wall.  Mark says he doesn’t see it but common, it looks a little something like this:

Who’s stupid idea was this remodel anyway?  Was it yours, chick with the big hat on?  No?  How about you, mean pregnant lady with an ax to grind?  Whoever it was, what the hell?  Did I piss in your corn flakes when I was sleep walking?  Daaamn.  If so, I’m really sorry.  You should try an airtight container.  Like these.  No self entitled organizing master would dare leave a cereal box in the pantry.  So really, isn’t this kinda your fault?


1 Response to “Its really raining….uh men.”

  1. 1 Emily May 9, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Sweet jesus – no label maker? That in an of itself would make me crazy – with the dust a close personal second.

    Hang in there – you will have a moment when its done when you won’t remember and you start thinking about the next one – promise…

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