The spin cycle

Ya know what today is?  That’s right.  Its Friday.  That means positivity is throwing its weight around.

Some people are good listeners (me).  Some people have great hair (me).  Some people are just plane fantastic kissers (ehemm me again).  (clearly I don’t like the taste of humble pie)

Today, I feel like I’m pretty dern good at spinning stuff to the positive.  What does this mean you are asking yourselves?  Well, let’s say – for instance – that I might happen to run into a group of bitter coworkers discussing the rather cheapness of the company.  This is when I would turn on the spin cycle and point out that sometimes companies aren’t aware of what it is that people need/want until it is pointed out to them.  And that if its really a problem, it will be taken care of if they hear about it enough.  Seems silly, but its effective.

I once had a designer on my team tell me that no matter how crappy things seemed at work, I was always able to make the team feel good about it and ease their minds.  She said I was the best boss she ever had because of that and when I left, she literally begged me to stay.  Went so far as to schedule a meeting with our SVP (a man she absolutely had no contact with on a daily basis) to tell him to do whatever it would take to get me to stay.  Man that felt good.  Even if I did still leave heehee.

This lovely little talent also came in handy last week when my friends B and her wife K lost Snuffy.  Absolutely tragic in every way, yes, but, the way I spin see it, it wasn’t about them losing a baby at all.  God wants us to be pregnant together and needed to make sure we’re all at the starting line at the same time.  He’s priming us all to bump baby bellies this summer.  Did I just turn their tragity into a story about me?  Well yes I did.  Did it throw a positive spin?  Well duh.  Dude, my version involves everyone being pregnant doesn’t it?

So if its spin ya need, then BabyBound is your gal.  Not in that fake “She’s suffering from exhaustion” or “He accidentally walked into a porno shoot” way.  We’re talkin legitimate positive outlook in any and every situation.


2 Responses to “The spin cycle”

  1. 1 The Milk Maid April 25, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    There are at least 8 or 10 of us that need to be preggo together… I like the positive spin here, even if it is all about you 😛 You’re pretty cool, so we can let you slide just this once.

  2. 2 b April 26, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    I thought God just hated us. Are you sure it’s that he wants us to be pregnant together? You’re crazy. Thanks for keeping me laughing.

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