Ladies of MAMU:

Sadly, I cannot be with you this weekend but I will think of you the entire time. I’m sad to be missing out, but looking forward to hearing all about it. I expect phone calls, pictures and most importantly, gossip. I’ll need full details of your muppet fur colors and head shapes for each and every one of you. In return, I will leave you with this exceptional topic for your dinner conversation:

So, if someone goes on a game show. (One of those crazy ones that make people eat bugs and stuff) Let’s say they make you shove your face in a bowl full of poisonous spiders only to emerge with with a small shiny object of sorts…for like 10 points or something ridiculous like that.  They tell you that all the spiders’ venom has been extracted so that this “exercise” is perfectly safe.

Would you do it?

More importantly, if you did it, and in this vat of spider salad had one spider that was actually natural – full of poison – mistakenly left to the mix. Let’s say this spider bit you, your face fell off, and then you eventually died.

Who gets charged with murder? The show’s producers? The network? The poor young sod that filled the bowl with the spiders ordered from the internet?

Bowl fillers make nothing. In fact that is intern level work usually. Is it really going to fall on them?  Dude if being an intern could land you in prison for murder, they should get paid more.  In fact, they should get paid.

Just something to think about….when you’re faced with such a life altering decision.

Your original gangsta muppet,



2 Responses to “Ladies of MAMU:”

  1. 1 milkmaid79 March 9, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    Your ears must have been burning ALL weekend! You were definately on our minds… Hope you enjoyed the drunk dial! 😀

    Spiders make me wet myself… so if I slip and fall in my own puddle of urine before eating one, do you think I can still sue the network? Hummm…

  2. 2 mycowgirlalterego March 9, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    You’re f’d up! Damn, I wish I’d read this before tonight..that WOULD have been a great conversation.

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