Thank you for not being the girl

I got some fantastic news today.  We’re going to be blessed with a new baby in August.  A healthy one with no medical intervention!

This baby will be the lucky recipient of two wonderful parents.  A lawyer and a business executive.  There will be a beautiful house, a perfect baby’s room, a huge extended family of loving relatives, everything a newborn needs.  This baby will be raised with a smathering of love and a strong understanding of values.  Its heading into a world made especially for it and from the looks of it, has a high likelihood of success.  This is one lucky baby.

Of course, this isn’t my baby.  No no.  I will not be raising this child.   In fact, I would be lucky to hold it.   This baby will be going to my boss.  A man that I actually like a lot, yet find myself ridiculously jealous of right now.  He’s a good man, a great boss, and I have a lot of respect for him.  He announced today that he was having a baby, and in true Mr. Boss style, he was awkward and uncomfortable about it.  It was very endearing.  He is going to be a great dad.

I’m obviously happy for him, yet quite sad as well.  Its not really fair for him that I’m sad.  I shouldn’t be.  But I am.  I’m not as sad as when B told me he’s knocked up.  No, its not like that.  Its more of a “hey remember that tryin to have a kid thing you were working on?  Yeah…I’m doin it.  Na na na na na!” thing.  And he doesn’t even mean it that way.  I just take it that way because I’m selfish and bitter.

At least he’s not the girl.  I don’t want to throw the shower and watch the growing.  I mean coworkers are hard enough, but your boss?  You can’t fake nice when its your boss.  They’re like dogs.  They know.

Anyway, let’s all be happy for Mr. Boss.  We really should be better then all that. (Even though we secretly could never be)  It will make us stronger and damn it if I don’t want to be the fucking strongest person alive…. I’m pretty sure I’m close.


5 Responses to “Thank you for not being the girl”

  1. 1 preconceivednotions February 14, 2008 at 5:19 am

    “You can’t fake nice when its your boss. They’re like dogs. They know.”

    I can’t help BUT giggle with that comment.

    My reasons REALLY are unrelated but related all the same.

    Part of our benefit package IS bonuses throughout the year for birthdays, anninversaries, Christmas. It’s No secret or special surprise . Just IS and VERY nice! Christmas we get equivalent to week’s pay. VERY VERY nice !

    Anyway, there IS one kiss UP on the payroll. Does ALL this gifting in return . Tries to ingraciate with her gifting. Even goes as far as doing little Halloween bags for everyone who works with us. And my boss hates IT. Told me so! Resents it. Finds it suspicious .

    So as you say “You can’t fake nice when it’s your boss. They’re like dogs, they know!” IT’s SOOOOOOOO TRUE!

  2. 2 katarinajellybeana February 14, 2008 at 7:40 am

    Aw man.

    At least his ballooning wife will be out of your line of sight. There is a tarnished silver lining there.

    Sorry honey.

  3. 3 aradia February 14, 2008 at 9:24 am

    It even made me say Bleh today.

    And I don’t think you are selfish or bitter. For the record. Not that it matters what I think, right? Jeez- I’m gonna crawl back under my obese rock and hide until my snit passes. Love and peace out~

  4. 4 b February 14, 2008 at 9:25 am

    YEP,at least you’re not going to have to see her every day. He’s a guy..he proably wont mention it again until the kid is going off to college. Yes, we should be happy for Mr. Boss. You’re not a horrible person for feeling jealous though..not at all. If you are, well..we can hang out in hell together…it will be fun.

  5. 5 Twisted Cinderella February 14, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    ((hugs)) I ttc’d for 5 years, I completely understand that feeling and feeling a little bad about it.

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