A resolution of sorts

I’m really hesitant to write out a list of resolutions because frankly, this makes them real and holds me accountable. I have been less then perfect about accomplishing any resolutions in the past. Like. I’ve never once made it past saying the words “this year I think I’ll…” out loud. Writing them down is pretty much the most dedicated to a resolution that I can muster.

Would it be bad for my resolution to be “I will write out a full sentence recognizing the word resolution at some point this year”? Looks like I may have just accomplished it. Within the first 12 hours of 2008! Wow I’m good. What a remarkable recovery from resolution phobia. See, there I did it again! I’m unstoppable!! Sigh.

Without committing myself to anything this year, I am left to only gather up all of my thoughts into one big blanket of generalization for the year. Here goes:

2007 was a big giant shitfest. Complete with many failed procreation attempts and a miscarriage. I’d like to think that 2008 would be best served without any of these happenings. If I can do that, I’m going to consider myself  successfully resolved.

Happy New Year, Muppets!! May you all be successful at your resolutions and hey, I think I should hold each and every one of you accountable for mine as well. Although that will sadly lower the success rate…


1 Response to “A resolution of sorts”

  1. 1 Kelly January 2, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    I wish you all the best in seeing this resolution to its, well, resolution I guess. Happy 2008!

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