Turkey makes you pregnant

I’m feeling like a IVF patient about 7 or 8 weeks pregnant after 7 or 8 weeks of progesterone.  Extra fat, tired, and somewhat grouchy.  Who knew that Thanksgiving was a dry run for pregnancy that we would all get the wonderful chance to endure year after year?  O the irony.

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in San Fran.  I don’t think I could spot a cloud in the sky if I was a professional cloud watcher.  The sun is bright, its warm, and its simply gorgeous.  The five trees in San Francisco that drop leaves have done so.  Its just enough to have leaves on the ground, but not enough to get annoying and require raking.   I am loving this today.

So what do I plan to do with all this pretty?  Well, naturally, I’m going to find some sort of marathon on TV and dedicate myself to it.  (Did anyone forget to read the first paragraph?)  TV, naps, and nothing else.

Enjoy your Fridays everyone!!

2 Responses to “Turkey makes you pregnant”

  1. 1 b November 23, 2007 at 12:19 pm

    No shopping? I totally would have figured you for a 5 a.m. shopper.

  2. 2 Hilary (The Trying Game) November 24, 2007 at 9:53 am

    Whoa there! I am an IVF patient – is this what I have to look forward to in 7 or 8 weeks??? hahaha

    Glad you’re enjoying such a lovely day 🙂

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