I’m having an afair

So I’m still crazy obsessed about this house thing.  I know I didn’t do a very good job of filling everyone in on the status of my mind yesterday because I was a little wrapped up in the inner workings of a construction facility, but I’ll catch you up right now….

We continued our house hunting Sunday with several open houses – even though we had already convinced ourselves that we had found the house for us.  Most of them were “nice” and probably desirable, but better suited for someone else.  We wondered through several flipped and updated homes that were all fancied out to the nines with their granite counter tops and stainless steel bla bla bla.  I guess on the whole, people had done a nice job.  Its funny how the standard home for sale these days is pretty much required to have these basic things.  You can’t even consider going on the market until you slap down some granite somewhere and polish up that stainless steel to perfection.  Bad for sellers…fantastic for anal Kathy.

So all in all, we saw some stuff.  Nothing all that great.  Nothing too spectacular.  Until…

The 4th open house of the day…

OK when I say that my heart was racing and drool was forming an embarrassing puddle at my feet, I’m down playing my reaction.  This. House. Was. Amazing.  It was as good as our first love.  (Possibly better.)  We spent considerable amount of time dating this one and now we’re caught in a love triangle.  We love them both.  But we know its not fair to cheat on them.  We must decide.

The easiest way to decide this one is to stop ogling for one second and remember that they are both out of our price range.  You would think that would settle it and we would break up.  Well if you think that, then you are clearly not a regular reader or crazy or drinking or something.  The fact that we can’t afford them is simply useless information to me.  Useless.

They are only a little above our range.  Not a lot.  If we sweat them out, its quite possible one of them will crumble.  We’ll swoop in and make the offer of a lifetime.  If you think about it, we’ll be helping them out of a bad situation – not selling a house. So now, we wait.  Wait wait wait.  You all know what this activity is like.  Its regular fare to you.  The house wait is really no different then the 2ww.  Obsessive checks to their web pages to make sure there haven’t been updates to its status, endless thoughts about where the furniture is going to go, virtual task lists of all the things we’ll need to do to the house when we move in (and of course the stressing over this list), a mind full of paint swatches, carpet samples, furniture wish lists, etc.  All the same stuff….for two houses that quite possibly will never see the beautiful color schemes I have whipped up for them.

So while I wait….you wait….it sucks right?


2 Responses to “I’m having an afair”

  1. 1 b November 20, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    ooooo, how exciting. You really would be doing them a favor by taking either of the houses off of their hands @ a lower price. Well, you’ve convinced me..let’s convince them.

  2. 2 Hilary (The Trying Game) November 20, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    sooooooo exciting! I hope you get the house of your dreams (and drool)!!!

    I can’t wait to hear your updates on this one…

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