Sometimes the same can be so different.

Mark and I recently went through a “what should we do about the car” situation.  See, in early 2005, we purchased an SUV in the hopes that it would become our family car.  We were TTC, I needed a new car, and we figured we’d get the car purchasing out of the way with one shot rather then deal with it again when the baby came.  Too young (and babyless) to drive a minivan and too close to family hood for a sportscar.  SUV it is then.

I’m not a steadfast, keep it till it dies kind of gal.  I’m sure this comes as a shock to you.  It’s now almost 2008 and its time for Kathy to sport some wheels.  (that, and the lease is almost up)   We had intended on purchasing at the end of our lease because we assumed this car would become a necessary piece of our family puzzle and we wouldn’t be ready to move on.  The lease made sense at the time because – well, we wanted to have options in case the family going wasn’t going so well.  We’d be able to get out easily and lick our wounds.

But fast forward 3 years and well, not much has changed.  We’re still TTC.  We’re still assuming we’ll have a kid sometime in the next few years.  And we’re still thinkin/hoping we might need that family vehicle.  All this “what do we do about the car” talk just brings up all kinds of painful brain ticklers.  Too many to talk about right now.  But it still begs for an answer.

What the fuck do we do about the car?!?!?!

Well, we finally made a decision.  And our decision may make some of you giggle.  I’m still rolling around about it myself.  (Albeit within the comforts of my mind of course.)

We turned in our family SUV.  Gave over the keys to our car that never had a car seat in it.  Never carried poopy diapers in the back.  Never had even one goldfish smooshed into its interior.  What it did have was a crapload of dog hair, some leftover puke remnants from one sick pup buried deep under the front seats,  several beaches worth of sand hidden under the 3rd row seats, and many many wet nose prints on the rear window.  To most, the car still looked brand new (even smelled it to the dealer), but to me, there were 3 years worth of family living in there.  Just really hidden.  Really really hidden.

After turning in our family SUV, we decided to get…well…the same SUV again.  That’s right.  We picked ourselves up a 2008 version of the same car.  Only difference this time is the color (titanium grey this time) and the heated seats (because why not).  We drove off the lot sitting inside a car that felt so wildly familiar, yet smelled much nicer.  It truly was a strange feeling and we both laughed all the way home.

Will this family SUV have goldfish?  Need the media screen options?  Carry home a newborn with the safety and comfort of a giant cotton ball? More importantly, will we ever use that 3rd row seat option for our turn driving kids to soccer?

Let’s all hope so ladies.  Let’s all hope so.


2 Responses to “Sometimes the same can be so different.”

  1. 1 geohde October 30, 2007 at 1:41 pm


    even though I feel like total dogsh!t right now about the IVf ever working since I keep finding new and rare ways for cycles to fail, we’re trading our family car in for another of the same,


  2. 2 kittenroar5 October 30, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    Hey… our SUV has dog puke and no car seat too! Gee…

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