Positive Friday – watch out, its steemy

Hey ladies.  Its time for another round of totally shallow complements to give myself.  I’ll warn you though, this one might get juicy…

I am a fantastic kisser.

You know those kisses you see in a movie that start out slow and then get so crazy steemy that you just know pants will be flying soon and nakedness is in the air?  Slamming of bodies, breaking of tables, bruises that you just know will form within a matter of hours?  Those kind.  I’m good at those.  I’m good at getting a kiss from simple peck stage all the way to full blown “what the hell is going on in there” stature in nary a moment.  Its come in very handy during my teenage – cock tease – years.  I will admit that I really did find it rather entertaining to push buttons and take that heat just to the point where articles of clothing started to make a pile on the floor when I would then utter “I really have to go”.  I’m a huge bitch.  We all know this.

See the thing is, while I am good at getting the mood ripe for a screwin, I’m not a whore.   Until I got married, this type of behavior was fairly roughtine for me.  Go out, meet a guy, flirt, he makes a move, I unleash my venomous power of pursuation, he loses all control of his brains (both of them), “I have to go”.  Why?  Because.  I.  Could.

This behavior got me into a lot of trouble with men.  There have been propsals, haters, guys that just wouldn’t leave me alone, and the occassional stalker or two (or three).  But all this says to me is:  I am a good kisser.

Now that I’m old and married, this type of passion doesn’t usually have the same outcomes.  Go?  I mean why bother?  What am I tryin to prove?  Its not quite the same, but o it sure can be as fun.  No reason to slow it down.  Just never “have to go”.

Is anyone else starting to feel like I am in love with myself too much?  Cause these positive Fridays sure make me sound so.  Don’t worry, we still have this, this, or even this to keep me in perspective.

Just to make me feel better (and you as well)…tell me why you are amazing.  You all have something.  Its in there.  I promise you.


2 Responses to “Positive Friday – watch out, its steemy”

  1. 1 Hilary October 26, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Damn! Should we ever meet in person, remind me to pucker up!

    I can’t think of anything “amazing” about me right now….I think I’m too preoccupied with worry for my sick kitty….

  2. 2 kittenroar5 October 30, 2007 at 5:09 pm

    Eewww. Muppet kissing is kind of gross!

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