Dangerous pregnancy: 101

Welcome google visitor, “when is the danger time for pregenancy”.  May I call you WITDTFP?

I see that you have a question looming over your head about the dangers of pregnancy.  I think we should start by making sure we have the basics covered – its pregnancy, not pregenancy.  That should help you on your mighty journey through the world wide web.

For the record, I have been pregnant.  Once.  I have not delivered a baby – unless having it sucked out by the medical equivalent of a vacuum at 11 weeks counts.  It doesn’t?  Then no.  I have not delivered a baby.

As an avid user of all forms of medical assistance regarding my fertility, I have learned quite a bit about the process of getting pregnant and yet, very little about the pregnancy itself.  I figure, why cloud my mind with useless information about pregnancy when I can fill it up with ways to over think, over analyze, and over panic about getting there?  I’m sure this is not helpful to you, WITDTFP, but it works for me.

To answer your question (to the best of my ability), the whole fucking time is the danger time.  While you might find it far easier then I to get preggers, and breeze through the pregnancy,  I am resigned to feeling nothing short of full on panic for about 32 weeks, + a few more, o hell…I’ll be panicked well into my child’s 30’s, wait no 40’s.  Just face it, I’ll get some peace 6 feet under.

I hope, for your sake WITDTFP, you haven’t been through a miscarriage, or infertility treatments, or even a bad period.  It probably is possible for people to go through pregnancy without danger and fear.  I hear its out there.  This just has not been my experience and I don’t foresee this being the case for me in the future.   For me, the simple act of conceiving involves many dangerous procedures that might make a baby.  Followed by weeks of waiting, panic attacks because of hormone medication and the lovely waiting, and then panic attacks over the health of the glob inside me that might someday show itself – hopefully not in the vacuum bag again.

This probably was not at all helpful to you and I’m sorry about that.  I just felt that it was my duty as an infertile (and your nearest and dearest new friend) to answer your question.  Please feel free to wonder around my blog.  Maybe you’ll find this interesting?

Your friend,



3 Responses to “Dangerous pregnancy: 101”

  1. 1 geohde October 25, 2007 at 12:38 am

    Preachin’ to the choir here.

    Tell me about it!

    There’s GOOD reason that my obstetric lecturers said that pregnancy was the most dangerous thing that women ever attempt. For their own health and the baby’s.


  2. 2 Preggersandhappy September 6, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    Jeez, what is up with you guys??? Firstly babybound, why get yourself pregnant to the get it “sucked out”??? I got pregnant over 13 years ago when I was just a young girl, had the baby and he is now a beautiful kind 13 year old.

    I have met a wonderful guy and we are now expecting. Pregnancy is not dangerous, it is a wonderful, memorable experience and although there are moments of nausea, cramping and general exhaustion, it is worth every second of it.

    Get a life and smile????

  3. 3 babybound September 6, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    Dude. Preggers and happy is it? You are an idiot. Maybe you should learn how to read before you go making comments on people’s blogs. You obviously can’t at the moment.

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