Time to bitch it out

I need to bitch for a minute…

As much as I love my dog, right now, she’s not my favorite.  Yesterday afternoon, I decided to wash our duvet cover.  I hadn’t washed it in a few weeks and it could use a little run through the spin cycle.  Now.  We have a white, quilted duvet cover.  Some of you might think I’m insane for even introducing this forbidden color into my home, however: a) Sandy is a white dog, b) Monster doesn’t really shed, and c) I should have personal stock in The Clorox Company due to my over use of their products.  In short, white not a problem for me.

I don’t particularly enjoy washing the duvet.  Getting the down comforter back inside it is somewhat of a pain.  Not really all that hard, but its a lot of shaking and shaking = exercise and I just simply want none of that.  This is why I only wash the duvet ever 3 weeks or so.  I know.  I’m disgusting.  Shoot me.

Last night, after finally fluffing the hell out of this new, warm, inviting puff of a bed, I felt satisfied and excited to climb in my yummy bed for the night.  I absolutely love fluffy, warm, clean beds.  After tootling around the house for several more hours, I returned to Mr. Fluffy to find Ms Sandy laying squarely in the middle of it.  Flattened all to hell by the 50+ pound dog.  (OK, not a big deal really.)  Re-fluffing commenced.  The big deal was presented in the form of a giant brown dirty, wet spot from Sandy’s baby (she was suckling on the bed).  A GIANT dirt spot. Front and center.  On a duvet that was still warm from the dryer.  Fucking dog!!

I don’t think I’m over it yet…


1 Response to “Time to bitch it out”

  1. 1 katarinajellybeana October 22, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    I still get grouchy when I think of WonderPuppy and the pie. I can only imagine if there it were a cleaning task in my world.

    Bad Sandy! Bad Dog! You make mommyperson work! Bad Dog!

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