Belly Aches

Ladies, raise your hands if any of you have had your hair washed at the salon by a 9 month pregnant lady who’s ready to pop any second??  Anyone?  You, way in the back?  No?

O then I guess that makes one of us then.  That’s right, class.  I had to have my hair washed today by a woman who couldn’t even really reach the sink.  And let’s not even discuss the fact that her belly was pushed pretty snuggly against my face while attempting to get a squirt of shampoo.

Is it just me, or has pregnancy become the hottest accessory in the last 3 years?  I mean are they selling babies at Kitson now?  Is everyone pregnant?

Girlfriend outta pay a bit more attention where she flings that belly.  She doesn’t have any control over what people are whispering into that kids ear from .000000001 inches from its face that’s all I’m sayin.


1 Response to “Belly Aches”

  1. 1 kittenroar5 October 7, 2007 at 8:41 pm

    I was rear-ended on Tuesday by a woman who must have been at least eight, if not nine, months pregnant. They are even running me over in the street. Perhaps there is a temporary spray we can use to keep them away?

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