Can someone be “too” prepared?

Mark and I just took Sandy on her regular Saturday afternoon walk through the Castro. (No cookie bush today, but we did find a lovely plot of dirt full of bread?) We were talking about nothing important and fending off all unwanted birds that Sandy felt were there just for her dinner. We got to talkin about buyin another house vs. buying a condo. My mother had said earlier today “well since you don’t have any kids, you don’t need a house. You’re not a family yet.”….umm yall know how I feel about this statement.

Is it true? Are houses defined as family dwellings while condo’s are defined as places for the young, just starting out and without child? Is there a definition out there somewhere that I’m unaware of? Its possible. I am wildly behind on my dictionary reading.

Is it totally wrong that I feel we should be prepared for this family? I mean we both thought we’d be past the diaper stage and getting ready to break them in to preschool by now. We completely prepared our lives years ago for this “family” that we’re still waiting for. We bought the SUV, moved closer to family (lord knows why really), made sure to have enough room (although there is no way we would actually prepare a baby’s room), did some preliminary financial planning, got the dog, got rid of the pool, did some career adjustments to be ready for staying home, you know, basic steps that most take after they have given birth. (I’ve never denied that I like to be prepared)

Is it possible that we need to not be as prepared? I mean I’ll try anything (maybe). Should we throw caution to the wind and act more like young unprepared newlyweds? Buy a condo, small car and go on that long awaited vacation?

As ridiculous as this may sound to some, I’m sure there’s a few of you out there that have reached my level of negotiations with your uterus and are willing to change just about every element of your lifestyle, home, job, etc. if it will make your womb happy. At least I really hope I’m not the only one ready to write up the paperwork and sign a deal with my internal organs.

I’m very curious as to how anyone feels about this. Nuts or not, I’d love thoughts.


4 Responses to “Can someone be “too” prepared?”

  1. 1 dayzofrain September 16, 2007 at 8:34 am


    I think its great that you are so prepared. We did the same thing-minus the SUV LOL. We are waiting until there is actually a child to get one of those. But we do go looking and imagining. We have a four bedroom/two bath house with a yard big enough to put a play set–just in case Even though it is only just the two of us. When we moved here I didn’t get a job at all (we don’t really need two incomes which I love) so I am a SAHW waiting to be a mom.

    I say…be prepared…but maybe plan that great vacation so you have something to look forward to as a consolation prize. Ours? We are giving ourselves til the end of the year and we are bookin a trans-atlantic cruise.

    You can never be too prepared

  2. 2 geohde September 16, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    In my experience, the most fertile women are the dope smoking, unemployed, community housing dodgy-“boyfriend” seeing underaged types who spend the first trimester deciding whether to terminate or not.

    I wouldn’t rate any of them as especially ‘prepared’.

    But I’m just jealous and bitter.

  3. 3 Julie September 17, 2007 at 9:56 am

    Wow, that just ticked me off! I can’t believe someone, especialy your mother, said that to you. How wrong is that? No. It’s not wrong to be prepared. To me there is no such thing as “too prepared.” You are putting faith into the fact that you will have children to fill the house. You guys are a family already though. To me, children is not what defines a family. But, you may feel different I guess. We bought a 3 bedroom house without having children first so I think it’s great you guys are thinking forward like that.
    I completely understand about wanting to make a deal with your uterus! LOL It’s true – I get to the point sometimes where I am almost begging my body to behave and do what it should be doing! 🙂 Keep your chin up!

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