Stupid is as stupid does

Have you ever said something because you had a momentary lapse in sanity and felt the need to be extra nice only to realize a few minutes later that you made a giant mistake? Of course you have, but this is about ME.

Mark and I agreed to take a break yeah yeah yeah. That’s just lame all around for a nirotic freak like me that can’t stop thinking about baby stuff long enough to pee. I can’t take a break!!! I mean really. Are you kidding me??? That’s like asking the earth to take a break from rotating around the sun. No really. Take a load off. You must be tired, earth. Those people south of the equator wont mind a long winter at all. I’m sure it would have no ill effects on global warming, import/export of farm goods, or my over exposed roots. Take a breather and relax.

I mean the break part is bad enough. Its a pretty huge joke to think I’m going to really take this “break” seriously. But to make matters just plain ridiculous, yesterday I actually said these words…in this order: “Mark, I really think it would be best if you decide when we are ready to do another round. We need to both be ready and I want you to tell me when you are ready. Let’s not rush into it before you feel you can be there to help me through the bad”. WTF!!!

Do hurricanes wait until everyone is “ready” before they make landfall? NO! But I can’t take it back. I can’t now say “yeah remember that waiting until you are ready? that was a joke. didn’t you laugh your ass off at that? Man I kill me sometimes.”

And just a little visual picture into my lovely husband’s head…think Homer Simpson at work with a double baker’s dozen of doughnuts and drool out the side of his mouth while sleeping next to the giant red button that says “ready to have a baby”. I absolutely love him, but his big picture thinking and decision making do not make the top 10 reasons why.

Kids. Stay in school. And don’t say stupid things.


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