Mommies come in all sizes….

How cute is my dog? Sandy has always torn apart every stuffed toy we’ve ever given her within 1o minutes of its appearance. But she has one stuffed, human shaped toy that means more to her then the world. Her name is baby and Sandy can’t go anywhere without her. Baby was the very first toy we gave her when we brought her home and for some very strange reason – that we have no explanation for – she started suckling baby and still does. Suckling baby can send her into a happy dreamy sleep or calm her down when she’s scared. Oddly, she will only do this to baby.

Puppy Sandy dscn0707.jpg Sandy & Baby

I think of baby as Sandy’s baby. She protects baby and cleans her and ALWAYS knows where she is. We’ve tried to replace baby a few times because of her pungent odor and lackluster fluff, but Sandy can always tell the difference. When I wash baby, Sandy sits at the machine and waits like a parent might do in a hospital waiting room waiting for their child to emerge after a surgery. Its adorable.

But today topped all cuteness. While I was taking a shower, Sandy came in the bathroom and stuck her head in the shower as she often does. This time, she left very abruptly and I heard her run away. She was back seconds later with a mouth full of baby. She shoved baby through the curtain and dropped her into the leaking water from the tub faucet, sat down, and stared at her. I guess baby needed a bath? What a great mom she is.


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