Impatiently waiting…

So I guess it would be a good idea to explain what we are up to at the mo. Well…waiting. After the miscarriage, Mark and I decided to take a break. After 2.5 long years of thinking about nothing but babies, it seems that a pause might be in order. That all sounds good in theory, however, I absolutely suck at waiting. I’m as impatient as they come. When I want something, I put those lovely blinders on and head straight for the light. Don’t bother me. I’m on a mission. OCD? Absolutely. Mark is ridiculously good at stepping aside and letting the giant ball of dust that I have become roll on by. But this time, we have to wait. Wait wait wait.

They say you have to have a period before you can actively try again anyway. Well…I haven’t had one of those yet either so my body is clearly telling me to take a breather as well. I should have had one 2 weeks ago. It is still failing to make an appearance. Stupid period.

So while we wait, I might not have a lot to say about babies but I’m sure I’ll have tons of crazy.


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